At present, Province Resources (PRL) mainly focuses on the exploration and development of mineral resources which include copper, gold, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, etc. The company goal is to take advantage of the growing use of these commodities in the growing green energy market.


Additionally, Province Resources is investigating world class wind and solar resources in the Gascoyne and Canarvon region for their potential partnership with Total Eren to build a 8GW HyEnergy project.


Sweetman Renewables has ambitious plans to expand existing sawmilling operations to utilise additional log resources, notably low-quality logs, through a new automated high-speed log processing facility.

Sweetman is set on 100 acres of prime freehold land in NSW's Hunter Valley. As the only hardwood sawmill in operation between Sydney and Newcastle, it is key supplier to these populous regions. Sweetman holds long term contracts with the NSW Forestry Corporation and has expansion plans to double production capacity over the next few years. The company forecasts are for a $25M revenue by 2024, quadrupling to $100M by 2027. 



H2X is a sustainably focused vehicle manufacturer. Its mission is to create Australia's first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle manufacturing company. H2X is harnessing the power of renewable energy to decarbonise the transport sector 5.0 and develop a new, internationally scalable production industry within Australia. 

This groundbreaking business uses Australian-first patented technologies with innovative, scalable applications across global markets.


It is poised to redefine automotive standards and help decarbonise an industry worth over US$2.7 trillion.




Infinite Blue Energy (IBE) has a mission to be a pioneer of green hydrogen developments. As a vertically integrated business, they leverage their domain expertise in developing renewable hydrogen projects in order to facilitate the transitioning of the Australian economy towards net zero emission. ​

They offer advisory, engineering and design services, with a focus on developing projects that they build, own and operate. By building on Western Australia's solar and wind potential, IBE's goal is to become a global renewable energy generator. 



Port Anthony Renewables (PAR) are an Australian owned and operated company who are committed to establishing themselves as the largest green energy hub in South Australia. Their unique asset portfolio and exclusive access to Port Anthony means they are in an ideal position to take advantage of the burgeoning Australian hydrogen sector: estimated to be worth $56 billion by 2050.

Over the next five years, PAR is poised to handle over $632 million worth of cargo and to produce over 112,000 tonnes of hydrogen. They produce hydrogen predominantly from electrolysis, drawing the energy from renewable wind and solar projects. They will also generate revenue through Joint Ventures, including with Infinite Blue Energy. The Port offers access to global and domestic markets, with significant existing infrastructure under PAR operational control. 



Pure Hydrogen (PH2) is focused on providing the best energy solutions for Hydrogen and Clean Energy. They joint venture with Liberty Hydrogen to develop four large scale Hydrogen Hubs on Australia's East Coast - Project Jupiter (Gladstone, QLD), Project Mars (Mackay, QLD), Liberty North (Newcastle, NSW) and Liberty South (Port Anthony, VIC).


Additionally, Pure Hydrogen plans to supply hydrogen fuel to the Asia Pacific, specifically Japan and Korea, and the Australian domestic market.


Pure Hydrogen (PH2) has completed the partial acquisition of H2X Global (H2X) and now owns 24 per cent of the company.


The company first announced its intention to acquire a percentage in H2X on October 21, outlining it has the option to increase it to 48 per cent.