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Product introduction of electric mining truck

Product definition

Non-road engineering transportation equipment carefully developed by Oli Energy. The engine, variable box and bridge of the power system adopt Weichai Group's golden power industry chain. The power system is the only one in China that has been tested on a five-axis test bench, and has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high load capacity, heavy load starting, and strong climbing ability. It is mainly used in the mining and transportation of various medium and large open-pit mines, and can meet the development needs of large-scale open-pit mining equipment. Through soliciting matching and optimized design schemes, it results in stable performance and reliable quality. According to statistics, the vehicle attendance rate is over 96%, and the overall efficiency is higher.

Performance characteristics

High reliability

Golden power chain: the vehicle adopts Weichai Power's Weichai engine + Fast gearbox + Hande wide-body mine axle;

Frame assembly: Overall high-strength single-beam flexible frame, with the highest frame section height in the industry, and a low center of gravity of the vehicle, which greatly cushions the impact of complex working conditions on the frame; the width of the frame is the widest in the industry, and the vehicle has high stability horizontally;

Air intake: The reverse-blowing air filter structure reduces the tiredness of the driver and prevents the engine from premature wear;

Steering: The full hydraulic steering system is lighter and more durable. The combined oil temperature of the dual fuel tanks is low, with high reliability, and the steering is flexible, more labor-saving and accurate.

High load-capacity:

Axle: Hande's special car for mines, the carrying capacity of the same level of the bridge is greater in the country;

Suspension: Newly designed front and rear suspension with reinforced die, front suspension with sliding plate structure + four leaf spring U-shaped clip design, rear suspension with V-shaped thrust rod and high balance shaft structure

Tires: Engineering-specific tires with thicker layers, with greater carrying capacity.


The reverse-blowing air filter reduces the time used by driver in frequent blowing of air filter, and increases transportation efficiency. Compared with similar products, the fuel consumption per ton-kilometer is lower, and the vehicle load-carrying capacity is higher by 10% when compared to similar vehicles in the industry.

New technology

The intelligent engineering transportation equipment is independently designed and developed by the highly-integrated ECU vehicle group, taking into account the intelligent mine-management system.

Product advantages
  1. Golden power assembly Golden power chain: it has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high load, excellent starting performance under heavy load, strong slope thinning capacity, etc; Mature and reliable technology: the powertrain technology of heavy commercial vehicle won the first prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award.

  2. New Cabin Excellent sound and noise reduction: the door adopts the overall double sealing structure. The NVH experimental data of the cab shows that the noise reduction is better than the standard level of the bus. Excellent active safety: large vision cab, wrap-around type doors and windows, large windshield, wide vision and improved active safety.

  3. Full hydraulic steering system Light and comfortable steering: small steering force and good stability; Stable and reliable system: the steering pump and lifting pump are independent and work intermittently, with low calorific value and low energy consumption; Shared hydraulic mailbox, good heat dissipation and extended oil change cycle.

  4. New Voss braking system Internationally leading system: it is the first in the domestic industry to adopt German Voss quick plug system, brake pipeline system and height module design; Reliable valve products: one vehicle with three relay valves, independent control of each bridge, faster braking response and better braking performance.

  5. New electric air conditioner Independent electric air conditioner: strong refrigeration and independent refrigeration, reducing fuel consumption (fuel saving); Excellent thermal insulation performance: the cab has good thermal insulation performance and higher adaptability in alpine and tropical areas.

  6. New electrical system High degree of modularity: Flat and modularization design of the electrical architecture, with complete functions, high applicability of models, and hierarchical layout of pipe lines; High reliability and durability: the chassis and cab harness adopt aviation connectors in military industry, and all electrical components adopt imported amp connectors, which are firm, reliable and long service life.

  7. High strength rigid flexible frame The main beam section is higher and stronger, the frame width is wider, and the empty and full load driving is more stable; The frame bolts are larger than those in the industry, and the balanced suspension adopts the shiplock nut, which has better anti loosening effect.

  8. New oscillating front axle structure New swing front axle structure, good stress and higher reliability; Front leaf spring front and rear support sliding plate type high-strength structure, faster stress release and better lateral stability; The front leaf spring is combined with equal thickness, and the bearing capacity is higher; Leaf spring clip + rubber block structure to improve the reliability of leaf spring; The double barrel shock absorber is more comfortable.

  9. New 8 thrust bar rear suspension system Integral maintenance free balance shaft: integral frame structure with balance bar, mature technology, stable and reliable use; Excellent rod structure: the thrust rod has good dynamic characteristics and eliminates the interference force of rod motion;

  10. New container Bigger and stronger: larger volume of the same tonnage in the same industry, high strength, strong toughness, impact and tear resistance; More stable: the new floating hinge seat is anti swing and easy to open and close.

OLI ENERGY electric mining truck product planning and highlights

Power system: Green power

  • Sufficient power The mining truck has dual high-speed and high-efficiency drive motors, high-power, high-torque, high-heavy load, high-climbing performance;

  • Smooth shifting of gear-no interruption of power, no impact on shifting

  1. Dual motors alternate gears, one motor continuously outputs power during gear shifting, which completely solves the problem of power interruption during gear shifting;

  2. Dog-Clutch high-reliability sequential shift actuator ensures the coordination of dual-motor shifting, solves the impact on the actuator during shifting, and improves the reliability of the shift actuator;

  • Forced-active lubrication Active pressure lubrication technology, the lubricating oil is delivered to each lubrication point on demand, which not only ensures the lubrication effect and efficient heat dissipation, but also reduces the oil disturbance loss.

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