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Changwon-Bumhan fuel cell enters global hydrogen market with Australian energy company

Changwon Mayor Heo Seong-moo (middle) visits the Oli Group headquarters in Sydney, Australia on the 30th and meets with Oli Energy executives including Luo Qi , CEO of Oli Energy, and explains Changwon's hydrogen policy. Provided by Changwon. Image Source: Lee Sang-hyun

Changwon City, Korea's leading hydrogen city, and Bumhan Fuel Cell, a leading hydrogen company, join hands with Australian energy company Oli Energy to enter the overseas hydrogen market.

The visiting delegation from Changwon, including Mayor He Sung-Moo, visited Oli Group's headquarters in Sydney, Australia, on March 30th. During his meeting with the executives of Oli Energy, including founder Luo Qi and CEO Oli Energy, he explained Changwon's hydrogen policy, discussed future hydrogen projects between Transgression Fuel Cell and Oli Energy, and discussed ways for hydrogen companies in Changwon to cooperate with Oli Energy on various hydrogen projects. In particular, Changwon City and Bumhan Fuel Cell agreed to cooperate as partners in the global hydrogen industry market of Oli Energy, Australia's most prominent fuel energy company.

Ceo Luo Qi (Oli Energy) also introduced various hydrogen businesses currently being pursued in Australia and appreciated Changwon's know-how in promoting hydrogen policy and the unique hydrogen technology of Trans-Fuel Cell.

With this meeting, Changwon City and Oli energy will undertake specific hydrogen projects in the second half of the year and continue to discuss details of their respective hydrogen exchanges. In addition, we will support major hydrogen companies in Changwon to participate in Oli Energy's global hydrogen business step by step, starting with the Bumhan fuel cell.

Korea-Globalisation Business Center has been actively promoting business matching between domestic and foreign hydrogen companies through a strong network since the successful hosting of Korea-Globalisation Business Week 2020. In December last year, the company signed an agreement between Bumhan fuel cell and Australia's Oli Energy to enter the Australian hydrogen industry market.

"Upon recognising Changwon's hydrogen industry capabilities and identifying the various hydrogen businesses offered abroad through the visit to Oli Energy, we will coordinate with domestic hydrogen companies. So that many can enter the global hydrogen market and secure their futures," said He Sung-Moo.



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