Luo Qi

Since 2000, Qi has actively involved in numerous import and export trades between China and Australia, and large-scale real estate development projects in Australia. He has successfully assisted many companies in IPOs, served as directors of listed companies and investment fund managers.


Qi and the Oli team are jointly responsible for fund management, investment strategy formulation and implementation. He has an extremely extensive network of contacts in the Asian business community, including business consulting, financing and management of stocks, and direct asset investment.


Equity Investment Manager

Dave Cornford

Dave has a B.Bus and holds certificates in financial services for Equities and ADA 1 & 2 Derivatives. He has previously worked at Ord Minnett with these qualifications. 
In recent years, Dave has been working in Corporate Finance specializing in mergers and acquisitions for several pharmaceutical companies. He has extensive funds management experience and close contacts with many large broking firms. 
Dave has managed the research side of our new Oli Energy fund, speaking with multiple projects that fit our investment criteria to green renewable energy.