Oli Energy specializes in Australian energy investment projects and builds investment platforms for investors to participate in Australian energy projects.

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Why Invest in Green Energy? 

Climate change is affecting the market in significant ways. 


Technologies that both meet consumer demand and address the climate crisis are increasingly being seen as the next big area of economic growth. 


At Oli, we’ve experienced a significant increase in interest to those investments that support long-term environmental sustainability—specifically investments in green energy and energy efficiency.  


With institutional investors and governments getting behind “clean tech,” investing in renewable and efficiency technologies may be a smart financial decision as well as a necessity for a healthy planet. 

Why ramping up renewable hydrogen is key to solving the climate crisis?

Dubbed the ‘the fuel of the future’, renewable hydrogen is widely credited as a gamechanger in the fight against climate change – particularly when it comes to decarbonising heavy industry and transportation.  

In the race to curb the worst consequences of climate change, scaling up cost-competitive renewable hydrogen and e-fuels will be essential to helping global economies achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and keep global temperature increase under 1.5C. 

At Oli, we are investing in these opportunities today. We are on the front foot allocating our funds to strong green energy projects. 

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