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Why Invest In Green Energy? 

Climate change represents the most significant investment opportunity in decades. As the risks of a warming planet accelerate, governments and corporations are looking for new ways to meet environmental targets. Increasingly, investors are willing to deploy their capital on investments that support long term ecological sustainability. In particular, there is immense potential growth in energy efficiency and the green energy sector.


The push into global renewable power is happening now, and there are exciting opportunities for significant growth. At Oli Energy, we want to help you take advantage of this window of opportunity. By investing in renewable and energy-efficient technologies, you can make wise financial decisions and support a healthy planet. 

Why Renewable Hydrogen Is Key To Solving The Climate Crisis?

Renewable hydrogen has been called the fuel of the future. It is poised to become a game-changer in its fight against climate change. 

Hydrogen is the most common chemical in the universe. It can be produced as a gas or liquid and has many uses with fuel for transport or heating, as a way to store electricity, or as a raw material in industrial processes.


Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy such as wind or solar. It plays a vital role in the deep decarbonisation of industries, such as heavy industrial processes and transport. When it is produced using renewable energy or processes, hydrogen becomes a way of storing renewable energy for use at a later time when it is needed. The global hydrogen market is forecast to be over $US200 billion by 2025.

Across the globe, countries are seeking to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To do so, they need access to cost-competitive renewable hydrogen and e-fuels at scale. 


By allocating our funds to high quality, high growth green energy projects, we can contribute to the growth of a clean and innovative energy environment.


At Oli, we invest in these opportunities to position our portfolio for a better future. 



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